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With the continuing cautions to prevent the COVID-19 spread, all WFA classes can now be offered completely on line via WEBEX sessions.  All materials will be sent or delivered to you, including manikin rentals for CPR. Power Point sessions will aid in instruction. 
Skills training videos are available at

Please call Holger at 585-469-8470 to schedule your training.
For Camp Counselors: NYS Dept of Health requires minimum WFA BASIC = 8hrs
16 hr Certification available upon request.
Can include BLS for Counselors, Standard CPR/AED for Scouts and Guides!
Boy Scout Leaders, Guides, Campers, Hunters & Hikers welcome!!!


  • Deposit for any course to receive your Field Guide:  $60.00 Deposit
  • Full 2-day Wilderness First Aid 16 hr course only, no CPR (If you already have required CPR/AED) $135.00
  • Full 2-day Wilderness First Aid 16 hr course with CPR/AED for the Adult (Pediatric optional) $150.00
  • Full 2-day Wilderness First Aid 16 hr course with Advanced CPR/AED (BLS) $165.00
  • BSA Group Purchase: WFA 16 hr course with CPR/AED for the Adult & Child $110.00*
  • Re-certification / Renewals within 2 years of original issue may reduce payment by $20.

*Upon request
Using ECSI Wilderness First Aid Field Guide, Second Edition

Full-time Students receive a $20 discount on all courses.
Final payment balances can be collected at the training site including cash, check, credit card or Purchase Order.
Final balance may change if Rescuscitation masks, Sam splints or other materials are requested for use in class.

Please call 585-469-8470 for Special Group Rates.

Check the price list in the payment process carefully!

8 hour WILDERNESS FIRST AID BASICS for BSA (Boy Scouts of America)
This course is designed for scout troops as a basic introduction to wilderness first aid for a special $60 rate for BSA members
This curriculum is available to the public for $ 80 without CPR and $ 95 with Standard CPR/AED.

  1. Introduction to Wilderness First Aid
  2. Action at an Emergency*
  3. Victim Assessment/Urgent Care *
  4. Care of Bleeding, Wounds, Burns*
  5. Dressings and Bandages*
  6. Head (Brain), Facial Injuries
  7. Bone, Joint & Muscle Injuries *
  8. Specific Bone & Joint Injuries
         Spinal Injuries
  9. Circulatory Emergencies and CPR/AED**
  10. Respiratory Emergencies
  11. Neurologic Emergencies
  12. Abdominal Emergencies
  13. Diabetic Emergencies
         Allergic Reactions*
  14. Genitourinary Problems
  15. Physical and Environmental Hazards*
  16. Poisons, Toxins and Poisonous Plants
  17. Animal, Human and Snake Bites*
  18. Insect and Anthropod Bites and Stings*
         CPR Basics (Appendix A)**

TEST - Required for State & BSA Certificates
*Skills to be taught in the hands-on session
are in the chapters highlighted in bold print.

Course offered by:

Train to Save, Canandaigua, NY 
242 S. Main St.   585-396-0849

Wilderness First Aid Supplement

Please download this SUPPLEMENT.  It adds valuable information for those planning extended trips.

First Aid Report and Rescue Request

Here is a reduced version of the Wilderness First Aid Report form.

Credit Card Payments / Registration  
Wilderness First Aid
E-mail Registration 

Use Form below to e-mail your registration.

Please Make & Mail Check or Money order to:

Train to Save
242 S. Main St., 
Canandaigua, NY  14424

* indicates a required field
Please fill this field.

All classes will be held via virtual WEBEX classrooms!
Your registrations will be honored now through available sessions!

Registration required @ 2 weeks before at
work 4 hours at home
then attend 4 hour course any 3rd Saturday, 9:00am on WEBEX in 2020 and receive certificate. $30 for instruction and workbook paid on line.
$20 if under 18, or additional person if sharing one book.
Family and group discounts available!

242 South Main Street is on the west side of Main, just before the old Byrne Dairy. We are in the small plaza between the former Byrne Dairy and the Barber Shop!  Parking is available in our plaza or behind the plaza as well! 
Coming from the south (lake), turn LEFT before  the VILLAGER Restaurant (Antis St), go around the old Byrne Dairy into the Public Parking lot and access our plaza from the west!


at Salvation Army Teen Center
110 Saltonstall St
Bring a Friend!!!!
Looking for Instructor
Contact Sue at
$40  or  2/$75
Ages 11-15+

Please register here


Our Service Area:

Located in Canandaigua, NY, Ontario County we are happy to travel and teach in surrounding areas at no additional cost:
Seneca County, Wayne County, Yates County, Livingston County
Everywhere else in New York or adjoining states travel expenses will apply.


Train to Save

242 S. Main St.
Canandaigua, NY  14424
Phone: 585-469-8470