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All classes are held at our training center:
242 S. Main St,
Canandaigua, NY 14424

unless otherwise indicated!*

BLS (Healthcare Providers)
Please complete AHA online
Heartcode # 15-3254

CALL 585-469-6161 for an appointment

Please complete AHA online
Heartsaver # 15-1401

Call 585-469-6161 for an appointment

Std First Aid
Please complete AHA online
Heartsaver # 15-1402

Call 585-469-6161 for an appointment

Std First Aid, CPR/AED:
Please complete AHA online
Heartsaver # 15-1403

Call 585-469-6161 for an appointment

Wilderness First Aid
Camp Counselors!

BSA Leaders & Scouts
All now in virtual classroom!
8hr (scouts) or 16hr (leaders) certifications
Can include CPR/AED

Call HOLGER: 585-469-8470

First Aid for NY Coaches:
By Appointment

Please call to reserve!
CALL Holger: 585-469-8470

"He who saves a single life
is said to have saved the
    entire world"
                     Tractate Sanhedrin


   BLS for the Healthcare Provider is Basic Life Support covering CPR & AED for all age groups, one-rescuer and two-rescuer CPR techniques, use of the Bag Valve Mask (BVM), and provides instruction for assisting choking victims.

Designed for: All professional health care providers including all Dentists, Paramedics, EMTs, CFRs, Nurses, Life Guards, Ski Patrollers,  and certain camp staff and guides as determined by their administrations.

  “Heartsaver” or Standard CPR/AED is CPR and AED training to assist Adults, Children and Infants.  These categories may be taken individually according to need.  Basics of CPR for the single rescuer, and the use of the AED are taught, along with instruction for assisting choking victims.
Designed for Day Care Providers, non-professionals and volunteer good samaritans.  This may include Boy Scouts, teachers, factory and store employees or medical responder teams, security guards, event staff, restaurant employees, public works crews, and anyone willing to be prepared for the unexpected in the family or their work place.

Train to Save will use American Heart Association or National Safety Council per customer request
All nationally recognized current CPR cards are accepted for renewal or recertification.

American Heart Association 
Training Available:
Training Available:

BLS (Basic Life Support) for Healthcare provider:. $60*
Pocket masks required***
Heartsaver First Aid: ..............................................$50**

Heartsaver CPR/AED for Adult:.............................. $50**
Heartsaver CPR/AED, Child & Infant (Pediatric):.... $55**
Heartsaver CPR/AED, Adult and Pediatric:............ $50**
Heartsaver First Aid, CPR/AED Adult & Pediatric:.. $90**

Renewals reduce price $5 p/p
* For optional BLS Student Manuals add $ 13 p/p
** For optional Heartsaver Student Manual add $ 5 p/p
*** Pocket Masks in soft case: $12


National Safety Council 
Training Available:
Training Available:

Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare provider:.. $65 p/p*
Pocket Mask Required.   May be included for $12.
Standard First Aid with
CPR/AED Adult & Pediatric:.............. $85 p/p*
Standard First Aid, CPR/AED Adult.. $75 p/p*
Standard First Aid:........................... $55 p/p*
CPR / AED Adult & Pediatric:........... $60 p/p*
CPR / AED Adult:............................. $55 p/p*
CPR / AED Pediatric:....................... $55 p/p*
Advanced First Aid with CPR/AED, 16 hrs $165*
50% of course may be completed as self-study.
Wilderness First Aid with CPR/AED,16 hrs $175*
50% of course may be completed as self-study.

*All NSC Course prices Include Student Manuals and DVD.

All classes will be held via virtual WEBEX classrooms!
Your registrations will be honored now through available sessions!

Registration required @ 2 weeks before at
work 4 hours at home
then attend 4 hour course any 3rd Saturday, 9:00am on WEBEX in 2020 and receive certificate. $30 for instruction and workbook paid on line.
$20 if under 18, or additional person if sharing one book.
Family and group discounts available!

242 South Main Street is on the west side of Main, just before the old Byrne Dairy. We are in the small plaza between the former Byrne Dairy and the Barber Shop!  Parking is available in our plaza or behind the plaza as well! 
Coming from the south (lake), turn LEFT before  the VILLAGER Restaurant (Antis St), go around the old Byrne Dairy into the Public Parking lot and access our plaza from the west!


at Salvation Army Teen Center
110 Saltonstall St
Bring a Friend!!!!
Looking for Instructor
Contact Sue at
$40  or  2/$75
Ages 11-15+

Please register here


Our Service Area:

Located in Canandaigua, NY, Ontario County we are happy to travel and teach in surrounding areas at no additional cost:
Seneca County, Wayne County, Yates County, Livingston County
Everywhere else in New York or adjoining states travel expenses will apply.


Train to Save

242 S. Main St.
Canandaigua, NY  14424
Phone: 585-469-8470